The countdown begins…

On your mark, get set, go! Guess what?  We are now 5 months until the wedding. Even if I don’t have it written down in every planner and on my phone calendar, don’t worry the sends me an email telling me all the things that are over-due on my checklist. To celebrate this wonderful day I will share a couple artsy-fartsy photos I took of Tate with my new camera. I really like them, I might even frame one. Speaking of checklists, what’s on yours? I happen to love checklists. Share your to-dos with me!

I love his manly hands in this one… yum!

I’d like to title this one ‘Denim & Diamonds’, believe it or not, there is a two-stepping club here named that…

There’s just something about a man holding a dainty ring, I just love it!


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  1. Beth

    How sweet…how romantic…just like you and Tate.

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