Dapper Drapes

This weekend’s project was to install the new and fabulous kitchen/breakfast nook drapes. They are so dapper.

If you look close enough, you can see a little man named Bo.

The fabric is from Calico Corners, made by my seamstress (mom) and the bamboo rod, constructed my handyman (Mr. T).

We even got Bo a little doggie bowl that matches the room, why not?!

Oh, and the mantel is back to normal. 

Happy Monday!



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13 responses to “Dapper Drapes

  1. Julie Batchelor

    Love, love, love the drapes! Good job, Beth.

  2. Susan

    Totally awesome look for the nook! I love your blog!

  3. Teel!
    I have loved keeping up with your blog!
    How fun! I wish there was a way you could do a 3D tour
    of your entire house. You are adorable!

  4. Ingrid

    I love your blog!! I love this fabric and have been in search of a great Ikat fabric and was wondering what if you could tell me the name of it. Thanks!

  5. Sasha

    SophistIKAT!! Love those drapes girl.

  6. They are absolute perfection! And I am extremely jealous…


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