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Monkey on your back…

Good morning y’all!

Most of you bloggers out there know about Lomoi, and adore their designs/color palates as much as I do. If you have not stumbled upon them yet, go now. They have fun Christmas gifts such as: Lucite trays for coffee tables, amazing monogrammed plates, canvas and leather totes, stationary and more…

One of my favorite things on their site is the monogrammed plate. These would be fabulous as a preppy party setting, or even fun hung on the wall in a cluster of three! These happen to be my favorite designs.  What are yours?

I just love the little (big) Elephantie with a monkey. I guess it’s shows you can have fun with a monkey on your back.

I will leave you with this “dahr-ling” invitation… Happy Monday, Thanksgiving week!!

All images from Lomoi.

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