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Like a bull in a china cabinet.

Good morning Three Pink Dots-ers….

You think China is big, wait till you see my china cabinet. This DIY make-over was either a source of frustration during the wedding, or a project to get my frustration out… i still can’t decide. Either way it was f-u-n!

Funny story: One day, I visited an Estate Sale on my lunch break. Immediately I saw this beauty tucked back in the corner. Once I started imagining it painted white with a colored backsplash, I knew I had to have it. The hubby took my car in this day, so randomly I had the truck – blessing in disguise. The only problem about this was how to get it in the truck.

When checking out the lady said “Well, I hope you have two strapping men to help you get this in your truck, we don’t do that.” I thought, what ?! I look around and see three definitely not young old men. As I raise my eyebrows, one ran.. and the other two let out a loud sigh…. (yes, I thought.)

Not only was it 100+ degrees outside, I was in a skirt. Awesome. As they come towards the truck I realize that I can’t get the truck sliding cover thing unlocked. One of the (sweating) men suggested that the cabinet would slide in without the top open. Well… what about my hubby’s softballs rolling around in there? Not wanting to cause a wreck due to flying softballs, I decide to go in. I “snake” my body into the truck bed (big enough for a mouse) and roll the softballs down my back for the men to catch. – I’m sorry, I think I hear Cirque du Soleil is calling my name.

Once we get the cabinet in truck, we also realize the door of the bed won’t go up. He said, “Take the side streets home girl.” I’m sorry sir, I have to go back to work with this thing.

A couple months later… the china cabinet is finished! One day I will put fun wallpaper on the backsplash, right now it’s just navy.

Close up of the knobs…

And, the lower part…

Open wide…

My favorite stemware…

And my china…

Want some bubbly?

And, remember the cane chair I recently re-upholstered? It sits in front!

Hope you likey!


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