The new hue… for you…

Pantone announced the new hue for 2011, and I couldn’t be more excited! Really, I’m tickled pink 😉 No, really the color is specifically called Honeysuckle Pink! This will trickle down from clothing, to decor, to weddings. Sign me up!

Here are a few inspirations of the new hue used in Decor.

The kitchen is fab.

via Promove

Happy weekend everyone!



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Blogity-blog featured on Effortless Style!

The lovely Camila Pavone, from Effortless Style Interiors, formerly known as High-heeled-foot-in-the-door, featured Three Pink Dots and the dorothy draper chest today in her post!

As a stylish interior designer in Westbury, NY, she has a love for orange and it’s fabulousness. Check out her blog, new website, and a post from her old blog with the dynamite zebra stair project.

There’s also a place on her new blog where you can register your own blog in her design directory. I’m registered for Kansas, and I know one of the others 😉


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Let me buy you a drink…

Good morning blog-heads.

I would like to invite you over to my bar for a cocktail. I know it’s early, just add a little OJ in the mix. We wanted to have a ‘bar’ in our entertaining room, and went back and forth about a buffet vs. a bar cart…etc. Then we ended up with a beautiful old 50s era Dororthy Draper chest. My mother found this on CL (Craigslist) and it was in really really bad shape. After many of hours  of critical condition in the ICU ‘shop’ with my dad, he restored it. My mother did the wonderful paint job to bring back it’s inner and outer beauty. Original restored Dorothy Draper chests like this can be found for $300- $3,000. Just google it, you will find a couple examples. We found ours for $30. Way to go mom! Until we find the original style pulls to put on the front we have silver knobs, I think it looks fantastic either way.

This is in our den, what we call the Brown Room. We decided to paint it a beautiful rich dark chocolate and have a color scheme of tangerines and whites with a touch of navy (of course). The chest had to be tangerine.  Or what I also like to call, Hermes orange.

The chest by itself on the brown wall is stunning.

Up-close and personal.

Then we found a vintage gold-gilded mirror at an antique mall in Jenks, OK and painted that a glossy white.

After adding the wonderful ming-jar vase (wedding present from Ms. LeAnn), a mirrored tray, and a lucite lamp, I was already in heaven without the bar!

And the finished product, for now.. at least. Ice bucket, crystal decanters, crystal plaid glasses, what would be better?

Champagne! Of course mini Champagne bottles from my friend Ms. Anne, would be perfect!


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Sneak Peek: The Bar

Here’s a sneaky peeky of what’s to come next! It’s our debut of the bar, featuring the new ‘Dorothy Draper’ chest. Stay tuned lovelies…



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Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…

No, I’m not moving to Kansas City, I was just singing the song. I will remain in good ol’ Wichita. Stop being jealous.

One weekend, my family took our last trip before I became a married woman to Kansas City. We shopped and shopped and shopped… and found the most amazing deals… with a little bitty car and no way to get them home (of course). One thing I did get home was this fabulous entry piece! With a little lovin’ it became one of my favorite things in this house.

I found this Baker furniture chest at River City Trading – an out-of-this-world antique mall by downtown Kansas City.

Here is the before…

And after a thick coat of Navy… and hand silver leafing….

First we painted the sides..

then added the lamps…

My “catch” all bowl… (ok, ok, It’s a glorified dog bowl. But it’s perfect for keys, right inside the door!)

Lastly, a few twigs just for the time being until I find the most perfect artwork!


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Cry-tal Gel…

Good Monday morning readers,

We are back from a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend that included: surprises, lots of yummy food, games, family hanging, laughing, relaxing, and a sad football game. This Monday morning will take an extra dose of caffeine. Today I am showing my Crystal (Cry-tal) lamps I have placed in the entry way. Next post I will show you the hallway piece that they sit on. The whole entrance is not finished, but the lamps and furniture are.

Below are the lamps, still looking for artwork.


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Red, White and Rue…

I am red, white and Rue all over!! Issue #2 of Rue e-zine came out this week, and it is filled with decor inspiration ideas like a happy tick on a bloodhound. I flipped from page to page ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing. Below are a few of my favorite pictures – if this were a real magazine I would be tearing out the pages and sticking in my decor file. The magazine also has a darling insert with the two girls who wear glasses. Check it out for a cute read and vintage inspiration.

I will take this side tables. Thank you.

The hubbs heard a gasp and ran over and asked if everything was OK. Really I just saw this room and loved it. I used to have a pink and gold room once, and it might make an appearance once again… just don’t tell him yet 🙂

With these curtains I literally die. – in a good way. 

Hello beautiful little table. 

I will be wearing a little sparkle to a holiday party this year…

This is the inspiration for my Christmas decor, we are going Ralph Lauren Tartan.. everywhere.

I hope you enjoy the new December/holiday magazine. Enjoy the family this weekend for Thanksgiving. I’m off to travel to grand Oklahoma! I will see you after the holiday.
Be safe lovelies,

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Like a bull in a china cabinet.

Good morning Three Pink Dots-ers….

You think China is big, wait till you see my china cabinet. This DIY make-over was either a source of frustration during the wedding, or a project to get my frustration out… i still can’t decide. Either way it was f-u-n!

Funny story: One day, I visited an Estate Sale on my lunch break. Immediately I saw this beauty tucked back in the corner. Once I started imagining it painted white with a colored backsplash, I knew I had to have it. The hubby took my car in this day, so randomly I had the truck – blessing in disguise. The only problem about this was how to get it in the truck.

When checking out the lady said “Well, I hope you have two strapping men to help you get this in your truck, we don’t do that.” I thought, what ?! I look around and see three definitely not young old men. As I raise my eyebrows, one ran.. and the other two let out a loud sigh…. (yes, I thought.)

Not only was it 100+ degrees outside, I was in a skirt. Awesome. As they come towards the truck I realize that I can’t get the truck sliding cover thing unlocked. One of the (sweating) men suggested that the cabinet would slide in without the top open. Well… what about my hubby’s softballs rolling around in there? Not wanting to cause a wreck due to flying softballs, I decide to go in. I “snake” my body into the truck bed (big enough for a mouse) and roll the softballs down my back for the men to catch. – I’m sorry, I think I hear Cirque du Soleil is calling my name.

Once we get the cabinet in truck, we also realize the door of the bed won’t go up. He said, “Take the side streets home girl.” I’m sorry sir, I have to go back to work with this thing.

A couple months later… the china cabinet is finished! One day I will put fun wallpaper on the backsplash, right now it’s just navy.

Close up of the knobs…

And, the lower part…

Open wide…

My favorite stemware…

And my china…

Want some bubbly?

And, remember the cane chair I recently re-upholstered? It sits in front!

Hope you likey!


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Monkey on your back…

Good morning y’all!

Most of you bloggers out there know about Lomoi, and adore their designs/color palates as much as I do. If you have not stumbled upon them yet, go now. They have fun Christmas gifts such as: Lucite trays for coffee tables, amazing monogrammed plates, canvas and leather totes, stationary and more…

One of my favorite things on their site is the monogrammed plate. These would be fabulous as a preppy party setting, or even fun hung on the wall in a cluster of three! These happen to be my favorite designs.  What are yours?

I just love the little (big) Elephantie with a monkey. I guess it’s shows you can have fun with a monkey on your back.

I will leave you with this “dahr-ling” invitation… Happy Monday, Thanksgiving week!!

All images from Lomoi.

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After this weekend, I feel like this.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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