Blogity-blog featured on Effortless Style!

The lovely Camila Pavone, from Effortless Style Interiors, formerly known as High-heeled-foot-in-the-door, featured Three Pink Dots and the dorothy draper chest today in her post!

As a stylish interior designer in Westbury, NY, she has a love for orange and it’s fabulousness. Check out her blog, new website, and a post from her old blog with the dynamite zebra stair project.

There’s also a place on her new blog where you can register your own blog in her design directory. I’m registered for Kansas, and I know one of the others 😉


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8 responses to “Blogity-blog featured on Effortless Style!

  1. Hi Lauren!

    I found your blog via Effortless Style and I’m so excited … lovin’ it so far. Gorgeous job on your furniture makeovers. I love your choice of bright colors and that cuuuuutteee elephant table. Great eye!

    P.S. Stop by and enter my giftcard giveaway!!

    • Hi Taylor, thank you so much! I’m so glad you stopped by. It has been so fun to find inspiration in designers and make it my own way. By the way, love your blog and the post about the states! I almost bought that cutting board once, and now I think I’m going to do it! Thanks again,

  2. I am so glad she blogged about you! I adore your makeovres..question..your cane chairs..I have some as much fabric did you need for them…I never know how much to order!

    • Thank you Sweet Nothings! The makeovers are my favorite thing to do. I love knowing that I am the only one who has it. That question about the fabric got me! I took this to my upholster and he told me for this chair it would take two – three yards, and I had some left over. I’m glad I did though, because it’s always nice to have a little left over to make a little kidney pillow for somewhere else in the room. This way the fabric is sprinkled throughout the room too. Thanks for stopping by, I loved having ya!

  3. Good morning! Found your blog via E.S. and it seriously rocks my face off. I love that you aren’t afraid to through a china cabinet in the back of your truck and go back to work before you take it home. A girl after my own heart! As soon as I saw your ginger jars, I was hooked. I, too have a blue willow obsession thanks to my great grandmother. I have her original china that’s about 100 years old and I’m trying to decide the best way to display. I haven’t found that perfect china cabinet to redo yet, but hopefully I will soon. Enjoy your weekend!!

    • Good morning Sarah! I’m sooo glad you stopped by! I’m telling you the China cabinet was a story that I will never forget… and you never know what I will do for a good deal! Ha! Yes I love blue willow! You are so lucky to have your great grandmothers china, how sweet. Gosh I found the most darling bamboo china cabinet in Tulsa, OK the other day. Anywhere close to Oklahoma? You might need a little road-trip. By the way, your Christmas tree is beautiful, it reminds me of the vintage one in the new issue of Rue magazine! Have a great weekend as well!

  4. Sasha

    Congrats . . . Fabulous (again!) You & your sweet mom need to open a three pink dots finds & finishes service in W & T town ! You could deliver your items with cake ball sticks!

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