Let me buy you a drink…

Good morning blog-heads.

I would like to invite you over to my bar for a cocktail. I know it’s early, just add a little OJ in the mix. We wanted to have a ‘bar’ in our entertaining room, and went back and forth about a buffet vs. a bar cart…etc. Then we ended up with a beautiful old 50s era Dororthy Draper chest. My mother found this on CL (Craigslist) and it was in really really bad shape. After many of hours  of critical condition in the ICU ‘shop’ with my dad, he restored it. My mother did the wonderful paint job to bring back it’s inner and outer beauty. Original restored Dorothy Draper chests like this can be found for $300- $3,000. Just google it, you will find a couple examples. We found ours for $30. Way to go mom! Until we find the original style pulls to put on the front we have silver knobs, I think it looks fantastic either way.

This is in our den, what we call the Brown Room. We decided to paint it a beautiful rich dark chocolate and have a color scheme of tangerines and whites with a touch of navy (of course). The chest had to be tangerine.  Or what I also like to call, Hermes orange.

The chest by itself on the brown wall is stunning.

Up-close and personal.

Then we found a vintage gold-gilded mirror at an antique mall in Jenks, OK and painted that a glossy white.

After adding the wonderful ming-jar vase (wedding present from Ms. LeAnn), a mirrored tray, and a lucite lamp, I was already in heaven without the bar!

And the finished product, for now.. at least. Ice bucket, crystal decanters, crystal plaid glasses, what would be better?

Champagne! Of course mini Champagne bottles from my friend Ms. Anne, would be perfect!


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5 responses to “Let me buy you a drink…

  1. I can sell you ring pull hardware. See our Dorothy Draper Collection at

    Amy Wolbert
    Kindel Furniture Co

  2. Mom

    It was a fun project for us because it turned out fabulous. You have quite a find. I will continue to look for you a matching DD chest. Love it…love you!

  3. Great find! I love the way you’ve styled your new old bar!

  4. susan lear

    your bar/chest is amazing!!! I am inspired:)

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