Cry-tal Gel…

Good Monday morning readers,

We are back from a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend that included: surprises, lots of yummy food, games, family hanging, laughing, relaxing, and a sad football game. This Monday morning will take an extra dose of caffeine. Today I am showing my Crystal (Cry-tal) lamps I have placed in the entry way. Next post I will show you the hallway piece that they sit on. The whole entrance is not finished, but the lamps and furniture are.

Below are the lamps, still looking for artwork.


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2 responses to “Cry-tal Gel…

  1. Sasha

    Looking good! Arent those the lamps you bought in OKC?

  2. oh my gawsh. i dont know if im the only one who gets the “cry-tal gel” thing, but you had me laughing for 5 mintues…
    i love anjelah johnson

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