Happy Birthday, want S’more?…

Three Pink Dots is now a one year old little blog… we shall celebrate! Instead of a smash cake, let’s do S’mores Cupcakes and take a walk down blog memory lane. Happy Blogoversary to TPD!

Now, let’s look at my favorite posts from each month. It’s my party, I can do whatever I want.

October 2009

Gimme S’mores Bars – fitting for the occasion.

November 2009

Tortilla Roll-ups: Tasty Tailgate Treat – Take these to the game, they will be gone.

December 2009

A French Adventure

January 2010

Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting – Probably most clicked on recipe.

February 2010

Sprinkles Mini Cuppies

March 2010

I need now – I still want this dress.


Colleen’s cookie dough bites – I told you it’s my party. I can link two.

April 2010

Gentlemen, start your grills – Fish Tacos, I can do more than bake.

May 2010

Pure bliss – Because taking engagement pictures was so fun.

Let me see your Cinna-roll. – Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls are heavily heavenly.

June 2010

Meet Pepe. – You should see him right now. He’s rockin’ a fedora, no big deal. I’m thinking about putting a little cape and mask on him for Halloween.

July 2010

Mucho inspiration-0 – You too will get inspiration from these awesome designers.

August 2010

So blue over you – Well, I just love how this mirror turned out.

A house so beautiful. – Love these inspiration designs.

September 2010

Goodness, gracious, great jars of flour!

October 2010

My little peanut & Tutu’s aren’t just for skirts.

There she is, all grown up! That was fun. Let’s do again… next year.

Thanks to all the Three Pink Dotsiers out there! Love ya!


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