My little Peanut…

No, I’m not pregnant.

I found this little gem on craigslist one day, and just had to have him. Once I heard Young House Love say they probably needed to start a ceramic animal club. I would probably join. People might start calling this the Animal House. Oh well. Everyone needs a little elephant in their decor for good luck, this one happens to be a small table!

Funny story: When I called the man to pick up the table he said, “It’s the house with a John Deer tractor mailbox, and a flag on the house.” Sure enough, he was right. That’s Kansas for ya.

Here’s little Peanut before we painted him.

Don’t you want to just pick him up? I did. I carried him around the house for a while.

Look at his cute little tail.

Now he’s all painted and pretty. He might be a fun bright color in another room one day, right now he’s white.

He hold’s this fabulous book, A Passion for Blue & White, my sister gave to me. I think this lady and I are decor kindred spirits, she just made a book about it.

What a cute little table you are Peanut. Thanks again to Craigslist.

Now, when things get awkward, Tate and I say “Well…I think there is an elephant in the room.”  🙂


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2 responses to “My little Peanut…

  1. What is about ceramic animals… I can’t stay away! I love it!

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