Tu-tus aren’t just for skirts…

The other day I decided we needed a holiday wreath, and what would be better than one made of a tu-tu?! This was so much fun, but very labor intensive… (it took the whole OU vs. Texas game to complete.) First buy one of the straw wreaths from Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Don’t take off the plastic, it’s easier that way.

Next, wrap the wreath with ribbon. Color of your choice. I chose orange, black and lime green as my Halloween decor theme this year.

Then start wrapping the tulle and tying knots.

The finished product.

Happy Tulle-oween!!



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7 responses to “Tu-tus aren’t just for skirts…

  1. Beth

    You are one creative young lady. I know you will be the only one on your block with a wreath that
    festive. Martha would be proud! Love, Mom

  2. Leslie Wood

    Beautiful wreath Lauren!

  3. Dad

    Is this a new kind of “Tulle-time”???? Arr, Arr, Arr!

  4. Sasha

    LOVE this! I am going to whip one up next weekend!

  5. Diane

    Can’t wait to see it!


  6. Kathee (zucky's mom)

    Great idea Lauren! I’m going to try to make one. You are so creative thanks for the idea! Keep them coming! Kathee (Zucky’s mom)

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