Mucho inspiration-o…

Today I found the Interior designers Caldwell Flake, a mother-and-daughter team from Alabama. My life has now changed. I found this gallery and……….. I die. I literally die. Pop over to their site to see more, you will leave inspired. See below the reasons why I love thee…

I will take those curtains please, in Navy. Please let my new coffee table turn out to be that cool.

This room is just bananas. Do you think that was a hard decision on picking that awesome fabric?

Pink + Green, a classic duo.

The chair, oh the chair! Someone check my pulse. That rug underneath is pretty fab too.

White and Silver, you are pretty and calming.

When my friend Sasha has a little girl, this will be her room.

Just a little inspiration for my bathroom.

Wallpaper on the ceiling? Now that’s a fun idea. Would be hard for the one-armed-paper-hanger. But I LOVE it!

What do you all think? Anything catch you eye?

Thanks for playing, come again.

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