Ready, Set, Grow…

It’s time to start making over and transforming our house! There are a couple changes coming our way that will really make it our home. First of all, the outside. It needed help.

I called our master landscaper gardener (a.k.a. Mom) and told her we needed her help right away.

Here is what the house looked like before…

Step one: Take out huge bushes in front of window.

Step two: Spend entire weekend taking out ugly white rock and dead crab grass. Find out there is a tarp under the rock…even better.

Looking better already!

Step three: Mom arrives with plants and rototiller in tow. You’ve never seen so many plants in one SUV.

Step four: Buy 60 bags of soil to turn our clay into something plantable.

Look at him go! Straddle those plants boy!

Step three-hundred-forty-six: Add plants – Ta da!

The curve:

And some of our favorites:

The polka dot one.

The Sage. This is going to have to grow before I use it on Thanksgiving.

Gold Thread Cypress Mop – This is turning out to be beautiful, and turns golden in the fall I think!

This one is our absolute favorite, a Crypse. It doesn’t show here, but now it has turned bright green with bright yellow on the tips!

This is a Poppy! This i bought on a whim at Home Depot. Mom said she didn’t know anything about them, cause she has never tried to grow them.  So I just tried and look what happened, boom! Tate named him “Big Poppy”.

I will keep you updated on how the garden grows. Overall, we are so happy with the front yard and it makes the house look much better! Thanks to our professional landscaper, we might actually have flowers!

Do you have any tips for me?



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3 responses to “Ready, Set, Grow…

  1. Lauren, it looks so good!! We have so much more work to do at our house… landscaping is def. not my thing.

  2. Kristi

    Looks fabulous!!! I wish I could grow things I my house, ha ha!!!

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