Chicken and Dumplings…

This recipe was passed down to me from a good friend and her Country Living magazine. It is the perfect keep-me-warm, Sunday meal, that you will want to make this weekend. Also a good reason to use that new Dutch oven you got for Christmas, or you wanted for Christmas. Go buy yourself one already! I have a red one that I keep out on my stove 24-7, partly as decoration, and partly for use.

When i heard Chicken and Dumplings I thought, “that’s too hard, I will just make Chicken and Noodle…” People, this is easy. I’m serious, it could almost be on ‘5 Ingredient Fix’ on the Food Network.

Fix you take a rotisserie chicken and pull it apart. This was my first time to touch something like this… Mom, you would be so proud – I didn’t wear gloves.

Since I was making this for three hungry guys and myself.. I doubled the recipe, which gave me this much chicken. Woah.

Then you take a can of refrigerated biscuits and roll them out. I bought the Grands ‘Butter Tastin’ and boy were they buttery. Like buttery pillows of dough, what more can you ask for when it’s chilly outside?

Now take your pizza roller and cut the biscuit into chunks. You can also make these into strips, but warning they will puff.

Seriously, can you see the butter bits?!

Don’t worry the yummy pillows will go down…eventually.

Make a crusty garlic bread or slice a French baguette for dipping. Drizzle with olive oil and broil for a few minutes.

Finished product. Sorry for blurry picture, the steam got the best of me.



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2 responses to “Chicken and Dumplings…

  1. kathee

    Hi Teel:
    I am Lindsay “Zuck” Johnson’s mom. I have heard about you since you were a freshman Theta.
    Lindsay has always loved you. So when she told me about your blog I started following you. Please keep blogging I love it and have tried everything! I have friends that are following you also. We are all doing cake and cookie dough balls. Oh and Lindsay can’t stand to take chicken off the bone either what’s with you Thetas lol.
    Keep blogging Best wishes,

    • laurenteel

      Kathee – Oh my gosh you are just the sweetest! Thank you! I absolutely love ‘Zuck’ (I still think of here as that). I am so glad you like the things I post and am overwhelmed that someone else really is reading it besides my family! You are the reason I will keep posting. Thank you for your kind comments and tell little Zuck hi for me, I miss her! Once I’m married, we will have the same last name 😉 I hear it’s uncommon… Have a great weekend!

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