Thank you readers…

I just reached more than 2000 hits on Three Pink Dots since I moved over to WordPress and changed the name. Even though my mom can count for 1,999 of the hits… I just wanted to thank you out there – whoever you are. If you are a reader, what would you like to see? Baking? Decor? Let me know!



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5 responses to “Thank you readers…

  1. Congrats! I like baking a decor 🙂

  2. That is supposed to say and… not a

  3. Sarah Teel

    I love when you post about your date nights with Tate! It gives us great ideas for our date nights! I would love to see more decor stuff too! Love you!

  4. I enjoy anything you post. It’s fun to see all the different things you make and the fun things that you and Tate do. So, just keep up the great posts!!!

  5. Kerri

    I love the date nights too! But, I LOVE anything that you post 🙂

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