Pow Pow Sushi Roll…

This year, we decided to make sushi for Valentine’s Day. What says “I love you” more than a spicy tuna roll?  We thought this would be a crazy and difficult task, but after learning a few tricks, it was actually pretty easy. Not to mention fun!

Tate surprised me with these sushi serving pieces and rolling mat from World Market.

We knew we wanted to make two different kinds of rolls, so we bought the right ingredients for a ‘Pow Pow Shrimp Roll’ and a ‘Spicy Tuna Roll’. For the tuna, we bought a nice looking tuna steak from the fish monger at the local grocery store.  Slice into thin strips.

For the shrimp roll, we bought a half pound of cooked jumbo style shrimp.

Next, we made the spicy sauce. We used this on both rolls and it is just 1/4 of Mayo and 2 tablespoons of Sriracha sauce. This is also known as ‘Orange Sauce’ in sushi restaurants, very yummy.

You will also need a couple sheets of Nori paper (made out of seaweed).

Next, make the sushi rice. This will take quiet a while. After it cooked, spread the rice out on a cookie sheet and sprinkle the rice wine vinegar over the rice. Warning – this smells like stinky feet. Really, if you get to close it will knock you out. Then you wont get any sushi.

Layout a piece of the Nori paper. Then spread a small layer of the rice to cover the sheet. This will work better if you get your fingertips wet.

Now add the spicy orange sauce in a line down the middle of the rice. Note to self: This would be much easier in a squirt bottle.

Place a couple strips of the tuna on top of the sauce.

Now add the other ingredients. For this roll, we added cucumber strips and avocado.

Now, roll baby roll.

This is when we figured out that you only need to wrap your rolling mat in plastic wrap if you are trying to make a roll with the rice on the outside in stead of sushi.

Now, time for my favorite one the ‘Spicy Shrimp Pow-Pow Roll’. First rice, then spicy sauce, then green onions.

Then we added a tablespoon or two of the crunchies. We used the crunchy fried onion crisps. You probably have some in your pantry from last Thanksgiving’s green bean casserole.

Shrimp time.

Thank you hand model Tate.

I see you shrimpy.

Finally, place the rolls in the fridge for a couple minutes and slice the rolls into about 8 pieces. Ta-da!!!!

To me, you are perfect.

One for me, one for you…

Let’s just say we had a ton of sushi to eat.

We had a blast and a great meal. A Valentine’s Day to remember for sure!

Tate surprised me with flowers, and they were so sweet. Here are a couple pictures of the blooms!



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5 responses to “Pow Pow Sushi Roll…

  1. You all do such fun things together!! I might try sushi after watching you make it, ha ha! The flowers are very pretty too!!

  2. Sarah Teel

    I can’t wait to make one of these with Stephen! This will have to be our next date night. Love it!

    • laurenteel

      He would love it, and it would be fun the next time we are all home as well. I can just see the kitchen island covered in Sushi rice.

  3. How cute are you?! Adam would absolutely love this so we might just have to try it! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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