Sprinkles Mini Cuppies…

Last year, I received this Williams-Sanoma Sprinkles cupcake mix as a gift. Guess what was getting ready to expire? The mix! I figured I better bake them right away! I did, and they were delish.  Cute little buttons to pop in your mouth. My co-workers are also on Weight Watchers diets, so I thought a little mini cupcake would be the perfect treat to bring in and brighten even a dieter’s day.

Don’t you just want one?!

Okay, now I just couldn’t help it. I had to. My two loves, cupcakes and diamonds…

What are your two favorite loves? Leave a comment below!



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4 responses to “Sprinkles Mini Cuppies…

  1. Beth

    My two loves are Paul & my daughters…oh and yes, chocolate…anything chocolate.

  2. I have three loves……Kaelee, Tate and Lauren!!!

  3. Sarah Teel

    My family and Baking!!!

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