Snowman Brownie Balls

So it started snowing… in Kansas. And you know what I do to solve this problem? …….. I make snowmen brownie balls.

Aren’t they cute? This time I made them out of brownies. I would use my usual yellow cake mix, but then it would be yellow snow. I dipped the brownie balls in white chocolate them added mini chocolate chips for the eyes. Next, I cut an orange melting chocolate disc and made little carrot noses. You can also take orange Starburst candies, cut into four sections and roll into small itty bitty carrots.

Meet Frosty, the Kansas snowman.



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2 responses to “Snowman Brownie Balls

  1. Oh my gosh….how cute are those!!!! You are so creative!!

  2. Very cute! I love making cake balls but have never thought to decorate them to look like snowmen. You should look at my blog dedicated solely to cake balls:

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