A French Adventure…

Last month my good friend and I decided to surprise our men with a French date. To peak their interest we placed this themed basket on the doorstep.

Inside we put, two French berets, red wine, imported cheese, a french baguette, and a little note.

The note said: Aaron and Tate,
Please save the date, for a special surprise date. Get excited for a french adventure you will never forget. Love, your lovely ladies.

This is the really cute wine I found, and hello it has a french maid on it! SOLD! – I am such a sucker for fun wine labels.

This was Tate’s reaction to the basket. They were so confused…

So after work, Allison and I picked them up and blindfolded them. Turns out I might as well of been blindfolded as well. We got lost. Hey, I’m new to Wichita.

The surprise was an interactive cooking class at “Cooking at Bonnie’s Place”! The French inspired menu was delish, and we learned a couple tricks of the trade for a fun French night in! Bonnie (the chef and instructor) had just traveled back from France and taught us an amazing “Julia Child like” menu. If you live in Wichita, this is a fun activity… and the food is amazing. Thanks Bonnie!



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3 responses to “A French Adventure…

  1. shoegirl

    This is such a cute idea!! I stumbled across your blog and I totally want to try this out!

    • laurenteel

      Thanks! I’m glad you stopped by! We ordered the beret hats online, basket from Michaels, wine from the liquor store and cheese from the grocery store! Super easy, and very fun!

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