Wichita Wednesday- Gindi Sushi House…

Living in a land locked state makes you wonder about the quality of Sushi bars… but, we are so loyal to our Sushi love that we will go anywhere to get it. Every week for date night we try out a different restaurant. Partly to introduce me to Wichita, and also just to spice things up!

This week we went to Gindi, a sushi restaurant on the west side of town. Our rating: 4 out of 5 forks. It was GREAT. The only thing missing was the atmosphere. It used to be a backyard burger restaurant.. and it still kind of looks like one. Other than that, the service and the sushi was great. They have many other Thai items as well. We will go here again. Even though it’s a mini road trip to the west side of town…


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  1. Elissa

    Lauren- we love Gindi. If you love Thai there is place right down the road called sit@thai bistro…it is brand new but really good food. Double Wichita date soon!

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