Outdoor Dinner Party

Cherry Red, Turquoise and White. This was an outdoor dinner party in my mother’s garden for my birthday. With the sun going down, tea lights flickering and the smooth jazz of Frank Sinatra in the background we had a great time enjoying the summer night.
The Blue Hydrangeas were just amazing at this time in the summer.
Napkin Rings made out of Red Ribbon and Printed Stickers.

The setting.

What a Scrumptious Summer menu!

The Cake I made for my birthday. White Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream and Red and Blue Rolled Fondant for the circles.

The Take home treat= “Lauren’s Brownies”. A secret recipe that I cannot reveal… unless you’re family. The Seal on top of the favor says “Thanks for making my life so sweet!”
I had a great time with my guests, many wonderful memories made that I will have with me forever. My cheeks still hurt from laughing.


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